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Reggianito Cheese

Reggianito translates as little Reggiano, so called because instead of a massive 80 lb. drum, the Reggianito cheese is produced in 15 lb wheels. The Argentinean wheels are smaller because it proved too difficult for oxen to move enormous wheels great distances.

Argentina is home to endless miles of grazing pastures, where pasture fed cows produce 5,100 million liters of milk per year. Reggianito is cured longer than any other South American hard cheese, which enhances its flavor.

This cheese tastes a little saltier than its namesake, the white crystals in the paste are not salt grains, the lactose in the milk breaks down into free amino acids giving it a lovely grainy texture.

Pair this with an Argentinian Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. Perfect for cooking and is a tasty replacement for pecorino romano or parmesian.


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