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Meadow Creek Grayson

In the misty, cool reaches of the Appalachian Mountains sits Meadow Creek Dairy, a wondrous family-owned farm that has embraced cheesemaking in addition to day-to-day milking and farming activities. Using raw milk from their own herd of Jersey cows, Meadow Creek makes cheese only when the cows are munching on the fresh grasses of open pasture. It's this dedication to seasonality that allows for the clean, bright flavors of spring and summer fields to shine through the cheese. 

Made to emulate Taleggio, the award-winning Grayson is made from rich swirls of Jersey milk in which you can detect the mountainous meadows of southwest Virginia. It has a soft, fine texture, a pungent aroma, and a big beefy flavor.

Pairs well with a full bodied white and is assertive enough for a medium red, and can be most excellent served with beer. Grayson is a very flavorful cheese which stands well on its own but is also excellent with bread or dried fruit.


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