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Sèvre & Belle Bucherondin


The ivory-colored paste is cloaked by a bloomy white rind that is soft and chewy.

The center is soft, but semi-firm in texture, chalky almost flaky when young providing somewhat mild earthy flavors that become sharp and tangy and progressively richer as it matures. As it ages, its texture becomes drier: the mouthfeel of the center is dense and claylike, with the crumb dissolving on the tongue, while the section near the rind is almost creamy, soft like beaten butter, almost gooey at room temperature.

Stay in step with high acid white wine that's never touched oak, like the classic Sauvignon Blancs of France's Loire Valley. Sancerre and Pouilly Fume work well also.

Pair this with the classic Sauvignon Blancs of France's Loire Valley, a Sancerre, a Pouilly Fume, or try with a red Bordeaux. Traditionally served over salads, pairs well with fresh figs, nuts and dried fruits.


Wine Tasting July 6th!

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