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Why us?

We opened in August of 2013 but the project started back in 2010.  We knew Staunton, VA would be the perfect setting.  It is a great city with a great downtown area!  Staunton is the home of the American Shakespeare Center, the Woodrow Wilson Library, and the Frontier Culture Museum. 

We wanted to build our business on great service - great selections - and we wanted Yelping Dog to be a fun, relaxing place to learn about wine. No rating system or points at Yelping Dog!  If it tastes good to you - that's all that counts.  We are here to help. Let us know the type of food you will be serving and we can help from there.  We offer tasting notes and pairing suggestions.

We wanted this to be a place to meet your friends and have an enjoyable evening.  No liquor and no TV's! Just great wine and beer with great service in a relaxed atmosphere.  What makes us different?  We're not really a restaurant - although we serve great sandwiches and cheese plates.  We are not just a wine store - although we offer over 1200 bottles for purchase from over 200 vineyards.  There is no way we are just a bar - although we will always offer at least 8 wines by the glass - and you can purchase a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy it at our bar with no corking fee.  We offer a wide assortment of different craft beers to purchase and enjoy here or enjoy at home.

For those of you that have supported us since our opening, we appreciate your support and business especially as we transitioned from Barking Dog to Yelping Dog. Nothing changed but our name.

As you can see we do things a little different here at Yelping Dog.  We want to keep it simple.  Great service and great selection at very good prices.  As you know every company has a CFO.  The picture above features our own CFO.  Charlie, Franklin, and Oscar!

Please come see us - I hope you will experience "a little something different" here at Yelping Dog.

Entire staff at Yelping Dog Wine

Gourmet Snacks in Staunton